Expired FRAUD ALERT !!!!!

This classified ad has expired.
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Kim Alix

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I was scammed by a man offering to sell a Dynamic Dolly, he sent me 8 photos with various views of an assembled dolly on a concrete area.

Fortunately, I was only scammed for cost of shipping a Dynamic Dolly from Nevada that never arrived - even had a tracking number but the dolly was never taken to USPS.
His email is:

Oldtoy Train ([email protected]) and [email protected]

His Zelle info identifies as - [email protected]
JON KRISTIN SAMUELS partners in fraud?
The Zelle account will actually say Kristin...

And at the end of his emails this is what he says, which was the first red flag:
"And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him"
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Not sure where you are in North Carolina, but this one was posted on craigslist yesterday in the Raleigh area- not mine


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Not sure where you are in North Carolina, but this one was posted on craigslist yesterday in the Raleigh area- not mine
Many thanks for looking! I've sent an interest email to the person who placed the dolly on Craig's List. We're actually going to Raleigh soon. What do you think is up with those yellow tires. I've never seen those before. :)

kim alix
The tires are foam filled- not pneumatic. Use the search feature on this sight and enter JOTAG and you’ll find lots more info on this dolly. They also have a website.
Thank you so much! I'm going to buy it tomorrow! I'm so very grateful for your help. :D
@Breeze Bender I now have dolly thanks to you! I'm beyond grateful that you took the time to look and find one that was available! Luckily enough, the family was going right by Chapel Hill for Thanksgiving and that is where I was headed as well; it was delivered!! Just a splendid ending to a cruddy beginning! Thank you so much! I'll pass it forward!
I love a happy ending! Thanks for your message and I’m happy to help and- delivered?! That’s great!

What a difference that dolly will make. Have you posted a pic of your boat yet?
No, not yet. Didn't even think to do that. I will next time I go up to the Club. The fleet is having a winter series and 4 boats turned out, Although we are in NC, it's still too cold for me to be out all day in the weather, plus it's been very rainy here. Kudos to those that are out there!
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