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Four (!) Laser Seitech dollies

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Park City
We have four Laser Seitech dollies for sale. All four are in working order. One or two are in great shape, one was painted purple by a previous owner and I forget what the fourth one looks like. Happy to sell all of them if anybody can use one. We're keeping the Lasers but switching to stackable Euro style dollies to make boat storage easier for us. Asking $250 for each of the better ones and asking $200 for the purple one. I'll check on the fourth one in a day or two.
Thank you for your pictures. I will wait for them.


Here's the best one. The tape on the handle is electrical tape and should leave no residue. There's another that was painted purple but is in good working order. Let me know what you think.


Here's the purple one on the top rack. It's in full working order but for some reason somebody painted it purple to make it safer maybe? easier to recognize? Anyways, the tires are fine too, they were just taken off as we wanted the dolly to rest on the boards for the moment.


Do you have any left? But i don’t want that purple thing.
Yes, that top picture of the silver one is still for sale. The person interested in it has not replied. It has yellow and blue electrical tape around the handle vertical which we can pull off before shipping.

mr mayor

Let me go to FedEx tomorrow and i’ll ask them how much shipping would be to Atlanta and i’ll let you know (also tomorrow).
I just boxed up one of the Laser dollies we're selling and the cost should be repeatable. A little above the estimate that was given at $70 by Fed Ex and it actually cost $79.66 from Utah to Georgia in case that helps. Two boxes, 34 pounds.
Are any still available?
Yes, we have two available still. One is all original silver but in order to differentiate it they lightly spray painted the wheels green. I don't have a picture of it as it's in one of our containers under a Laser but I can have it out next Saturday when I should be back at our sailing org doing a little work/sailing. I could get help getting the boat out from under that boat. The other one is the purple one mentioned above.
One left - the purple one. I may try to wipe it down with acetone. I get the sneaking suspicion that if wiped down with acetone, the anodized aluminum will shed the paint, but I've been wrong before. If it does, that dolly will look nice pretty quickly. $200 or best offer for the purple people eater Seitech. Under the top boat in the attached picture. Tires are off the dolly but do come with it.


All sold...shipped all over the US. We still have one Sunfish dolly (somebody thought it was for a Laser) left that's in great condition, almost new.