Four Capri 14s for sale in Rhode Island

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We have four well-used boats to sell. Available for inspection in Tiverton, RI (just south of Fall River, MA) on Saturday June 18th beginning at noon. Sealed bids accepted for choice of boats as follows:
Minimum bid for first choice = $500, second choice minimum bid = $400, third choice minimum = $350, fourth = $300. Bids opened at 1:00 pm.

Boats are 1989 vintage, come with mast, boom, rudder, centerboard, main and jib. They all need TLC; some more than others!!... but they are all seviceable, usable boats. They do not have trailers.

We also have three more hulls only that are available free to any buyer of one of the first four.

Please email me w/ any questions/comments/good jokes... ty, Bruce Epke