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Would you like to see Sunfish Talk broken into two sections: 'Sailing' and 'Repairs'?

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I could not log on to this new system. What a PITA.

So in any case, I have moved, living in a new place with a bigger shop, but it needs lots of work. I broke my arm, and have been traveling, looking to buy a big catamaran for charter.

So, in any case, I'm back.

Lately I've been working on a Sunfish trailer to haul four boats at once. I'm also getting ready to move onto my 46' sloop. Now that my arm has healed.


I am working on a thread for that next. Check out my "Free" Aluminum trailer I restored.

The Quaddie Trailer is what I call my four Sunfish hauler.

It is not finished but perhaps you can offer some advice as I'm still mulling over options to secure the boats to the trailer.


I'm not even sure how to start fitting (4) boats on one trailer! I can picture a wide A-frame to hold (3) boats, or double-stacking (2) boats. should be a fun project.


Upside down?
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