For Sale: Olympic Class 2008 Laser Radial XD

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White sail, white hull, light grey deck

Hull, spars and blades are all in perfect condition. The boat was bought in July 2008 and has been sailed only twice last summer. It has been used only in fresh water and stored indoors during winter 08/09.

Boat comes with all racing rigging and parts, including new XD racing upgrades.

Price includes brand new Seitech laser dolly

I still have all the XD power pack racing manuals and boat maintenance manuals.

Asking for $6000.00, but price can be negotiated.
Available immediately.
May be able to do a delivery.

I am also able to sell gear:
-gull half finger racing gloves
-salus marine lifejacket
-neoprene hiking boots
-O’Neill black wetsuit
-O’Neill black and turquoise shorty

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The boat is located in Saint John, New Brunswick. It is able to fit on top of my car, so I may be able to deliver to other places in the Maritimes if you are interested.


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Very interested! Where is the boat located?
In terms of equipment; could you please provide, specifically what is included with the boat? For example; hull and deck covers; type of vang; type of mainsheet(light and heavy); number of sails; compass, ect....? Could you send along a picture? I am located on Cape Cod and not adverse to driving; I too have the ability to put a laser on my vehicle.
Thank you very much
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I will go down to the club on Saturday and take some pictures. I will have the pictures and the other information you asked for posted by Saturday afternoon/evening.
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I attached a picture of the boat from the front, the back, and each side. I have also taken pictures of each part of the boat specifically, but the website only lets me attach five at a time, so let me know which parts you would like to see.
In terms of equipment, I only have what the boat came with. There is no compass or boat covers. I only have one sail, number 194031, and it is race legal.
the boat came with the new Xd harken vang system, the xd harken power pack, xd carbon tiller and tiller extension, Ronson mainsheet (light), XD padded toe-strap, Ronson ratchet block with Harken Mega spring, Vectran V12 traveller, Mega bolt, and Vectran V12 rudder downhaul.
once again, i have taken pictures of each of these parts, so if there is any you would like to see, please let me know. or, if you give me your email address, i could probably send them to you all at once. there are also pictures of the dolly.
i also believe i still have the documents that allow you to get a free part, if any part breaks within the designated time, i just have to track them down. i also have car manuals, extra sail letters, etc., anything else that would have come with the boat.


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hey, i could certainly hold it for you for a while. how long do you think it would be until you were able to purchase it?
Might be a long time but I'm looking for somthing good for next season because im going on race team for my club and Im only 14 so I dont got alot of money it may take me a couple months to get the money so i understand if you wanna sell the boat to who ever has the money first.:eek:
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