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For Sale. Older J-24 spinnakers (1 North, 1 Quantum) and Quantum genoa


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Practice sails, anyone? Cleaning out my sail stash. These are all from a J-24.

2002 North Sails, one small 2.5" repair on the upper part of the starboard edge. Grommets solid but some wear at the clews. White #USA 3316.

2001 Quantum Sails, one 5" straight tear (not repaired, I can't find my sail tape) near the upper port edge. Grommets solid but some wear at the clews and staining as shown in the photos. Black #USA 3316.

Both spinnakers are white with a green-gray middle band.

Genoa: Quantum Sails, dacron in decent shape, though used many races. Missing one batten (the pocket is not damaged), wear on the tack, and some yellowing and cracks repaired on the window, see photos. The lowest two hanks need cleaning or replacing.

These are definitely not for racing but could take you day sailing or save your good sails while you practice. Asking $100 apiece plus shipping.