For sale- everything except a hull!

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boom- $105 good condition a little vang induced curve in the spar but not much, no rust not oxidation, end cap that goes into the gooseneck has a crack in it. Perfectly usable ( used it like that for a few years) but I felt I should mention it. Comes with all blocks and fittings
Just out of curiosity... why everything except a hull?

Was it damaged beyond repair?

What was the hull id or sail no.? (to compare quality of older 70, 80, 90, 2k models)
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nope my hull was stolen from my fathers house in Mantaloking new jersey. All the parts were in the garage so I have them just not the hull. The sail number was 137062 it had red epoxy repair work in the cockpit. It was a Pearson boat so it started to get a touch soft.
Is the radial sail a small version of the mainsail for a laser 2. If so, what is price?

Sorry for the dumb question, but we are desperately in need of a new mainsail of an old laser 2 and would go with a smaller sail if we had to just to get it out on the water.
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