For sale- everything except a hull!

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My buy a new boat fund raiser....

Here is the list......
Upper section- straight
Lower full rig section- straight
Lower Radial Section- re riveted vang fitting
Tiller----Stock aluminum
Full rig Sail- Good for practice
Radial Sail- Used two events 1990 worlds, 1991 Atlantic Coast

Need cash. located in Portsmouth RI.

First let me say that this is my first post. I sailed Lasers in the 80s and by good fortune suddenly have one sitting in my back yard. My business partner bought the wrong sail (Radial instead of full). And instead of trading in the sail, I'm going to start things off with the smaller one to get used to sailing again.

I would like the Radial lower mast section. Any idea of total cost to ship to Charleston, SC (29412-residence or 29418-business)?

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Hey mike.

I would assume the mast section would be $40-$50 to ship. You might be better off financially to find one more local to you but if you want to pay me I will gladly ship it. Also Intensity Sails has very reasonable full rig sails.
Hi Beaker (real name?) :)

Maybe I should look around a bit first? Do you think I could find one delivered to my door for less than $150?

mike, I live in charleston and have alot of laser full rig parts and accessories. mast, booms, blades, hardware etc. call or email if your interested, Barclay
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