For sale: Boomkicker K0312

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I have a Boomkicker that I used with my C14.2 for sale. It supports the boom without use of a topping lift. You can have the boom supported without raising the mainsail, and by lifting the boom in light air, the Boomkicker opens the leech for better sail shape and more speed. Boomkickers are widely used, durable and reliable. This one has been lightly used (one season). I cut the fiberglass spring rods to fit my boat, but if you want a different length, the rods are readily available from the manufacturer at a nominal fee ( In the spirit of full disclosure, the potential buyer should know that I made a new slide for the mast bracket after I absentmindedly left it on the boat when I sold it, so the one seen in the photos is not original. New Boomkickers of this model run $90, but I'll sell mine for $45.