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For Sale. 1999 Sunfish Beautiful shape ready to sail in the North Americans.


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I have a beautiful 1999 sunfish that has been stored indoors. This boat has been rarely sailed. Authenticity stickers are still on. North Americans are here in Erie in July, Jrs. are the few days before. Buy a boat and come up and sail. Boat is white, deck has a red stripe down the middle. If you buy it, it will come to you freshly polished and ready to go. I am asking $1900.

If you don't buy the boat come up and sale in North Americans. We have a great facility.



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HI i have not recieved pictures of your boat which i need as soon as possible plz send it to my email as fast as possible i need a picture of the sail, deck, the bottom, the side, spars , and cockpit and any other picture you can think of. i also wanted to no the wieght of the boat it does not have to be exact just a ruff idea thx!!!!:):):):):)