For Sale 1992 Capri 14.2 with Trailer


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We have to sell our Capri 14.2 plus trailer as we are leaving the country.
Located in the middle of the country near Omaha, NE.
Boat and sails in good shape. Trailer good also.
Has been stored outside on trailer but sails and mast etc stored indoors.
Asking only $1000 for boat and trailer as must sell soon.
I am interested in your boat

If you still have it I would be very interested in your boat
Please tell me more about it
condition of the hull, sctatches, nicks or bumps
Conditions of the sails probably not new but would you say they have half life left?
Is it complete or is it lacking some parts?
Any problems with it?
Do you have more pictures?
I live in Kansas City which does help
Thanks in advance
Please email me at