For me:..."Gone too soon"

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Hi, all.

This is about a moment no real Laserite does love. "God" Kirby knows this moment, from to giving his “TGIF” away to Mystic Seaport Museum, and many-many other Laserites know this situation, too:

It’s "time to say goodbye" to the loved Laser that one just has (to be) sold.

My “Laser Manatee”, sail number 171442, will get new owners, tomorrow.

For me: She’s definitely “gone to soon”.

However: Laser Manatee in future will sail at a really beautiful lake at wonderful North-East Germany and the club, that bought Laser Manatee, give her to a young girlie who in future sails her with a 4.7 Rig. I am absolutely sure about, the young Laserite-girlie loves Laser Manatee like “a young girl like her first own horse”. Laser Manatee is a fast Laser, from Team GER, a preselected one. Laser Manatee is only light used, although already made in Fall 2000. Her storage always was: “builders like” and she got many very nice maintenance.

I am sailing a club Laser in future, too. A Laser, the club has "forgotten about". A lot of work to make the bottom pretty of this Laser, but she will definitely love my work of polishing etc. :)

However, I am sad now, and this evening I think about all the fantastic time on the water, I had with Laser Manatee…. sniff sniff

Sure there will be a "Laser Manatee II". I can’t say when in the moment, I not have the money for (although, yes, I drive this nice Volvo S80 with the "Mont Blanc" Roof-Rack ... ), but sure the sailnumber will be over 200xxx ... so god Neptune and Rasmus want....

Nonetheless: "have fun", all



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Thanks Merrily, this helps me at my hurt.

OF COURSE, Merrily, your nice "JC CLew Tie Down", you once did donated to me, stays always with me, I NEVER would give it away (nor drLasers famous Cunningham- and Outhaul control systems).

...most of us that now own someone else's treasure appreciate the bond the first owner held...I wish my friend was alive to see and sail her (my) old boat that now has a new life ;)



Upside down?
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Now that you sold your boat, will Bayer stop sending you free aspirin? Better not get a headache... :).

PS: The manatee (171442) mast tube looks like (almost) new; certainly better than the one on my boat (175892).
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Now that you sold your boat, will Bayer stop sending you free aspirin? Better not get a headache... :).
good joke.... "Bayer"'s Aspirin is not my favourite for headache, so ...

But, serious: "Bayer" did donate money to buy Laser Manatee from LaserPerformance in 2001. Laser Manatee was a former Team GER boat. I bought her from a retired pro.
Just an idea, but perhaps it would be worth to check at NA, if "Pfizer" for "Professional GGM Team USA" donates money for new racing Lasers of LaserPerformance/NA .... ;)

PS: The manatee (171442) mast tube looks like (almost) new; certainly better than the one on my boat (175892).
I did some maintenance, of course (-> ) and aft that repair, I never forgot to use a UHMW-"mast tube anti-wearing"-foil (-> ). ;)

I attachment, my last photo of Laser Manatee, of this morning, before I did start off. The trip was a nightmare, in reason of the upcoming storm "Soeren" and of the fact, that many parts of the autobahn to Hamburg is "under construction" ... 600 km in 8 hours. But finally all was succesful. Laser Manatee is at former East Germany, now. My East German friends there take good care of her in future.
(BTW:Tomorrow it's our 19th National "Reunion" Day. Thanks Ronnie R (and Michael G.) that you made it happen, that "The Wall" has been teared down in 1989.)

Sunday I will have a look for the club Laser I am going to use in future. Much work of maintenance there is to do, but the upcoming winter is long ;)

Ciao and happy weekend

P.S. @ "xflyer95": We have a very old Laser (now a club boat) of an old couple, that both did die this year. In winter I plan to make pretty this Laser again, too. This couple has been honorary members of the club and they did sold her loved Laser to the club to find a decent place for her. I understand your words....