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Some one offered me a Flying Fish sail boat today. I havent seen it yet does some one have a picture or info on the boat? I think It was made by AMF
My grandfather had a Flying Fish when I was a kid. At the time all I'd ever sailed was the Sunfish. Although not especially nimble, it seemed a little faster than the Sunfish but much more comfortable and dry, especially in a blow. If I remember correctly, it had a fully battened sail and the mast was an unstayed fiberglass rig that seemed to have a disintegrating surface.
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Well I picked up the Flying Fish today. It is white with a green deck pretty rough but seems complete. It does have a long whippy fiber glass mast. Got a old rusty trailer too that despite all the rust seems pretty solid and quite heavy. I will shoot some pictures tomorrow when I get to shoveling out the leaves and mud from the cockpit.
I have an AMF Flying Fish out here in California. I've had it for 16 years. Very enjoyable. Fast to rig, easy to teach sailing in. Fun sailing. I would be interested in starting some sort of Flying Fish forum on Yahoo groups or something. I wonder how many still survive? Mine is white with blue top deck, red & white sail. Banoe, how is your boat coming along? Who else out there has a flying fish? I had a new sail made about 11 years ago. The guy said that I have an AMF Barracude and put a barracuda emblem on the sail. It used to have a crude looking flying fish emblem on the first sail. 4 island Lake with cynthia 028.JPG