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I am going down to Midweek Madness and MMWE in February. I am looking for a place to camp (RV..travel trailer...land yacht) near the venues. I have done some web searches and reviews but wondering if anyone has experience around Jensen Beach and Sarasota. There will be three of us.

I fly airplanes for a living, and on some of the professional aviation message boards, there are sections there for intel on layovers (i.e. best restaurants, gyms, bars, etc). What would be really helpful is if the moderators could provide a section for us to share intel/reviews on motels/restaurants/campgrounds and what to expect at each venue as far as amenities and so forth. What do you think?

Well, I live in Fort Myers, which is south of Sarasota, and west of JB, Ive been to both places numerous times!! Sarasota allows you to camp on-site, and there are an array of hotels within a few miles of the squadron. Jensen on the other hand, Ive stayed in hotels all of the times ive gone! Both great places, but if you want to camp and sail, go to sarasota!!

You can stay in the RV at Sarasota Sailing Squadron and they allow tent camping as well.
Jenson Beach does not allow tent camping but you should ask Peter Strong at the Sailing Center about the RV.
There are a number of RV campgrounds in the area, but are usually full this time of year.
You might try this county park in F.t Pierce which is not too far away.
Savannas Recreation Area
1400 E. Midway Rd.
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
Local Phone: 772-464-7855
Toll Free U.S./Canada: 800-789-5776
Fax: 772-464-1765
E-mail: savannas@stlucieco.gov