Florida sources for okoume?

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I’m taking my very first vacation since the Covid-19 pandemic began, by spending 6 days in Daytona Beach FL, where my middle daughter is a junior in college. Im Having a heck of a time getting 1/4 inch mahogany plywood up in Chicago. Ordering online is also crazy, with shipping rates in the $300 range. Anyone know of good marine plywood sources within 100 miles or so of Daytona Beach? I think I can bring them home with Delta Cargo for about $90.
if i was you i would look up local cabinet shops in youre area. go talk someone there. have them add what you want onto thier next sheet goods order. most wholesalers have order minimums so you likely wouldnt be able to order just one sheet if you get an account opened unless you fullfill the minimum order requirements. and youll have to be more specific. face grade vs back grade or even back species. you can even get veneers custom laid up.

but i would find a smaller shop and have them order it for you with thier next order. they'll have an account with a local wholesaler and will likely qualify for free delivery. easy and cheap. bigger shops are ordering stuff everyday usually.
1. What joe c said.
2. Call World Panel in NC or FL and see what actual shipping would be. Maybe they have something going out your way.
3. Call Alan, he likes to drive around with things on top of his car.

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