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8 boats, 5 of which sailed last summer (admittedly never all at the same time!), but are no longer needed for our yacht club program.
We are in NE Rhode Island, plz contact if your are interested in one or more of them.


Are the boats individually for sale? If so, what is age and price range?


I'm also interested in finding out more aboiutthe age, condition, features, and prices of the boats in your fleet. I'm looking for a 14.2 for lake sailing in Maine.


Bulk price and condition of boats

We have a fleet of 1997 and newer Capri 14s on a saltwater lake next to the San Francisco Bay. How many boats are you selling? How old are they? How were they used (racing, youth training, not used)? In what condition are they? What prices (per boat and bulk)?

Thank you,

Victor Rising
Shoreline Lake
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fleet for sale, further info

Hull #s for these 8 boats are consecutive; they range from CPSD 3079 E989, up to CPSD 3086 E989.

If any one of you can tell me what year that makes them, great. Otherwise I will try to contact the builder.

My guess is that the CPSD is Mfr. ID, the middle four numbers indicate hull #, the E is for May of 1989. 15 years old sounds about right, too.

Going on that logic then, hull #:

3079, 3080, 3083, 3084, 3086 all sailed last year, are in usable condition, but well used.
Minor glass work will be required to put them right;
a. reinforce / remount centerboard pivot
b. repair minor splits/dings in gunwale
c. reinforce / remount deck hardware

The rigs/sails/foils are all complete, and usable, but once again, well used.

These five boats will be offered for sale individually.

The sixth boat is #3082, comes complete w/ rig and sails, but it has a damaged prow, will need glass repair / remount stem fitting in order to sail. It also needs sanding & paint or gelcoat on the forward four feet of the starboard topside where the gelcoat is blistered.
Our intent is to offer this boat in a package together with the last two, which have no rigs or sails, most all of the deck hardware is there, they are very dirty and have not been used for three years.

In all cases the purchaser would have to pick up the boats in Tiverton, RI (just south of Fall River, MA). Bring your own trailer.

Pricing is still to be determined, as is the mechanism whereby purchasers will be given first, second, etc. choice of the boats.

Sorry can't spend any more time on this right now, I will be happy to ck back in here soon, or reply to your emails.

Bruce Epke