Fitness for Lasers

A few observations upon Laser sailing:

1) In my youth, Laser sailing made me bulletproof... an alternate regimen of technical rock climbing helped develop the physique & mindset required to take Laser sailing to the extreme level.

2) As I aged and my Laser sailing skills improved, I found it easier to ignore the physical stress of prolonged hiking & hardcore overnight voyages, particularly when working the tides & sailing to the islands (Los Coronados off the northern end of Baja).

3) In my late 20s & early 30s, principles of Zen Buddhism helped me even further... if you're fit, a strong mindset will carry you when prolonged hiking & extreme small craft sailing make your muscles feel like wet pasta noodles.

4) Straight-leg hiking is always preferable when there's a choice in the matter, and to hell with the burn.

5) Having a hot date & cold beer aboard will definitely hinder performance, but you'll DAMNED SURE have a BETTER TIME, LOL. :rolleyes:

I could go on here but I'd probably get off route, as climbers say... here's a cool poem instead:


Shakespearean fish swam the sea, far away from land;

Romantic fish swam in nets, coming to the hand;

What are all those fish that lie gasping on the strand?

W. B. YEATS :cool: