Fish Parts For Sale

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Oak Tillers - $33.00 (not drilled for wood extension)

Aluminum Tiller Straps - $17.00 (pair)

36" Aluminum Tiller extension w/ golf grip and rubber universal - $40

Used North Rec sail in very good condition -has a few goosenck bites - $150 Colors are: Yellow / Lt. Red / Gold / Dark Red / Blue

Snap on Windvanes - $20 each

Sheet Hangers - $10 / pair

You can pay me through PayPal or Check.

Plus UPS shipping charges

C.P. Burks


See my pics @
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Sail Is S O L D.
Other Items are still available plus I have aftermarket sails for $200 - 4 oz. cloth like the North ones. Windows add $50. Contact me for colors.
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