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First Sail of Restored 78 Fish


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Attached are pix of the first time on the water in my recently restored 78 fish.

Got the boat last fall from a family that had it on a Wis. lake for years. I had to fix a hole in hull (about 4 inch in diameter) where the "once" tilting trailer tilted while going down the road. A nice big bolt now keeps the trailing from tilting ever again. A tilting trailer for a sunfish is a bit of overkill don't you think?

I had to rebuild the base of cockpit because it was split from end to end. This job was more difficult than the repair in the hull. It looks like cracked cockpits are a common problem on this era boat. A new coat of paint on the bottom and in the cockpit she looks as good as new. Now to get rid of the stains on the sail.

I'll spend the summer drying out the boat. Its very heavy. It sat for several years with the hull filled with water. I have gotten several gallons of water out of it since last fall. The tips and ideas from the forum have been invaluable.