First Regatta


I am planning on sailing in my first regatta in Sarasota next week. My 10 year old green fleet opti sailing daughter just informed me that she thinks that it really isn't a good idea and that I am probably not ready and that I probably will embarass myself and run into alot of people at the starting line. Also, since Dad is clueless as to rigging the opti so she NEEDS me there. It's great to have such cheerleaders in the family.Maybe I should stay at home and bake some cookies.
Damien, usually it takes till they're about 13-14 before they think their parents are the morons of the century. Don't worry it only lasts about 10-15 years till they realize maybe you can walk and chew gum at the same time.

So are you sailing an Opti or a Fish?
I tried an Opti, but I do look like the moron of the century. I stick to Sunfish now.
esteroali said:
I am planning on sailing in my first regatta in Sarasota next week.


Come on out to sarasota.. You did fine at fort lyers last week (6th's 7th's and 8th's out of 10)..

Just as you found some people to ask rigging questions at fort myers, your daughter will be able to ask rigging questions at her opti regatta.. (and then, she might even remember the answers!!)

Look forward to seeing you in sarasota..

Brian # 79258
Hey Damian,
You did fine at Ft.Myers, so why worry. If your nervous about the congestion at the starts etc.. just be conservative, watch the leaders, and enjoy the race and try to learn from your good/bad decisions. I had a great time at Ft. Myers myself (first time in a Phish in 35 years), and hope to continue racing (once I find a used Sunfish).
Phil (club boat #10)
Well, I survived. The first day was 15-20 with a moderate chop and we got in four races, longer than I was used to. At the end of day every muscle in my body ached. The second day brought stronger winds and heavier chop....WAY more than I was used too since I usually sail in a river. There were only two races due to the weather and I finished them both so I was happy and came in 10 out of 15....I think. Anyhow, I had fun and leaned a lot. I would have quit before the last race but my daughter was in the green fleet Optis' and would have KILLED me if I quit and she wasn't allowed too(by her coach) . I can't imagine doing this sort of thing when it is cold since I was drenched the whole time. Looking forward to the next.... Damien