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I know this is a Laser forum, but I figure there may be some crossover so bear with me!

I am looking for a used Finn Dinghy in the San Diego area. All boats considered.

Thanks for your time. Sail fast and stay safe people!

Cactus Cowboy

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Born in Dago and lived there for decades, and I must say that I hardly ever saw ads for Finns... they're nice boats, I reckon the owners preferred to hang onto them. Every now and then, I'd see a whole fleet of them on South Bay, some sailing out of CYC in Glorietta Bay. Always wanted to sail one but never got the chance, and I already had my Laser... ah, well, maybe you'll find one, might try posting a wanted ad on the bulletin board at various clubhouses. One thing I remember about the Finns, they could point pretty high, sailing right next to the wind... I always enjoyed watching them under the hands of a good skipper and crew member. Fast boats too for monohulls, pretty good overall design. Well, good luck to ya, hopefully you find one... :cool:

Cactus Cowboy

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Hmm, I just Googled the Finn and it's described as a singlehanded boat, yet I saw two persons aboard during the fleet races... maybe that was some youth program. Still nice boats... I also saw some website where Finns are listed for sale, something like dinghyracingusa.com? There was a Facebook page too for Finn owners, maybe they list some for sale... :confused: