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Finding laser sail number


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Hi all,
I recently purchased a 2010 laser for race use, but the plaque with the sail number in the cockpit has been removed. Is there any other way I can find the sail number that corresponds with the boat?


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There's an id code on the transom on the starboard side (take a picture and post it), but I'm not sure if it includes the sail number anymore in 2010 boats (I assume yours is a Vanguard/LP-US -built boat). LaserPerformance might keep records that connect the codes with sail numbers, but it's more likely that they don't, and won't even answer you. I'm pretty sure ILCA (the class association) doesn't have that kind of info, and I'm not aware of any kind of procedure to retrieve or reassign lost identification.

I wouldn't have bought that boat, at least not for any higher than the combined price of spare parts (everything minus the hull). It's basically not a class boat anymore, and not legal for racing at any level :(

Does the seller have any explanation for this?