final 2018 yards


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The 2018 season is over! It's getting too cold to sail on the North Sea near The Hague. The Dutch National Talent Squad shifts into winter-mode: December is quiet with a few 'dry sessions' on two Saturdays. Other highlights are 2x 10 days in Vilamoura (Portugal) together with the High-Performance Skiff Squad (flying together is cheaper) followed with some inland-water training weekends before the season starts again in March.

It has been a brilliant year. The highlight was without a doubt the UK Laser Open in Plymouth. Not the most appealing venue on the calendar perhaps, but the atmosphere, the sailing workshops every morning, the brilliant water with the ocean-style waves and the results added to this wonderful event.


I took this pic earlier today on top of the Dutch Olympic and Talent Sailing Academy in The Hague. On the right: fences. In Holland, there's a Governmental Bureau that that takes care of the defence against flooding (after all, we live below sea level...). The defence-works going on behind the fences include a complete new slipway! The hight of the building has a reason: the totally rigged boats fit in the 'workshop' easily. They're all in line to spray the salt of the gear. This time, however, the boats were put on the trailers and all headed home.