Fiberglass Repairs

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Just picked up an older SF but it needs some repairs to the fiberglass.

There is damage to the nose, a crack along the bottom centerline and a few dings here and there through fiberglass, along with some crazing.

I am thinking of just getting some two part resin mix and performing some patchwork- but then sanding & painting might be needed to cover it up- any recommendations for recommended products or methods that worked well?


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At $41, this may be the same kit I bought last year at $29. :cool: BUT this may be just what you need for a small repair:

There's too much cloth—or—not enough resin, but addition resin can be bought from alternative manufacturers. The premiere manufacturer, West System is pricey! :eek:

Damage to the nose can be fixed with the above, or if it's above the waterline, MarineTex is an alternative. (~$25). "Crazing" likely equals "spider-cracking".

If the crazing is above the waterline, I'd just live with it. You can't hide it with paint, and it's a lot of work to fix it properly.



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If you're not going with band-aid patches or small repairs the kit will not be enough to fix the
keel and the bow. West System is expensive but you'll need the resin and 209 hardner
in cans if you're going to fill with micro-balloons. I'm on my second Sunfish where
I'm using the Shore-Line to fix the keel. I can say that the keel will never-ever
break in that location again after using two layers of mat-cloth on the inside
and one layer mat-cloth on the outside. L&VWs is correct, I fix all the spider
cracks in the hull with epoxy and micro-balloons and leave the deck as it is.
The hull gets painted so the cracks gotta go.
if you don't want to pay for West System epoxy, you can get the Total Boat epoxy from Jamestown Distributors. more or less the same thing, but cheaper.
TotalBoat 5:1 Epoxy Kits
(edited link to show the kit instead of just the resin)