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There was some talk some time ago about the different fees, sail buttons etc. Now that ILCA released a couple of "financial" articles, might as well list the actual numbers here (emphases mostly mine):

Membership fees – ... For the last few years this had been US$10.34 per member but for 2020 this has been reduced to US$9 per member.

Sail Button fees – ... The current sail button fees are US$13.14 for a Radial or 4.7 sail and US$28.87 for a MKII Standard sail. The additional fee for the MKII sail is to recoup expenses related to obtaining international patent rights for the sail.

Plaque Fees – Every new class hull sold has a World Sailing Plaque fitted, which carries a total fee of US$118.25. This fee is split between World Sailing ($19.70) ILCA ($83.55) and the ILCA Regions ($15.00).

Overview of ILCA Finances – International Laser Class Association

Interesting to see the "new" fees, too, which the builders will pay to ILCA on these pieces of equipment:

  1. Hulls including all attached fittings $ 126
  2. ILCA 7 sail $ 19
  3. ILCA 6 sail $ 15
  4. ILCA 4 sail $ 15
  5. Daggerboard $ 17
  6. Rudder stock $ 5
  7. Rudder blade $ 10
  8. Top section (Aluminium) $ 8
  9. Top section (Composite) $ 16
  10. Bottom Section (ILCA 6 and 7) $ 8
  11. Bottom section (ILCA 4) $ 7
  12. Boom $ 7
  13. Vang cleating fitting $ 7

But the real bomb (well, sort of) is in the footnote, which actually belongs to another thread ;)
Very interesting, too, that PSA and PSJ are now named "legacy" builders, and as a compensation for the loss of their regional monopolies, they will de facto pay only half of the above fees, and will actually receive half of the new builders' fees (if I understood it right) :confused:

Overview of ILCA Finances – Part 2 – International Laser Class Association

Interesting. Seems we should just be happy someone is building the boats, but instead they (we) have to pay about $363 for the privilege. Guess that is how ILCA pays the new tech inspectors, etc.