Favorite vacation as a child

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I'm always looking for cool places to go and fun things to do for kids and/or adults. I was thinking about my favorite vacation as a kid. Of course it involved sailing. Camp Trinity in Salter Path, NC was my absolute favorite childhood vacation. That's where I learned to love to sail. They have a whole fleet of sunfish and every kid wanted to sail every day (who wants to do arts and crafts when there's sailing to be had!?!). Anyway, now I'm curious...what was your favorite childhood vacation that included sailing? (If it didn't include sailing I won't hold it against you LOL I'd still be interested). IMG_0920-X2.jpg IMG_0928-X2.jpg camp trinity.gif
My parents used to take me to a campground in Oxford Maine every Summer from the time I was born until I was about 10 years old, and then we moved too far away to keep going. I watched my Father windsurf every summer as a kid, but never was big enough to try it for myself. Eventually, I was able to take a rowboat out by myself though. I remember picking and eating wild blueberries, riding bikes down dirt trails to small stores to buy bubble gum, and getting "clean" by taking a bar of soap with me into lake. There were festivals in the town, and a Speedway where we would watch car races. It was a lot of fun.

20 years later, I have 4 sailboats, 5 windsurfers, and a powerboat. The experiences definately stuck with me.