Fatso Jr. Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension

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For sale is a Fatso Jr. Carbon Fiber Tiller Extension made by ACME. I am accepting the first reasonable offer. This extension retails for $130. The extension has hardly been used. The rubber connector to the tiller has been broken. Any sail shop (or even yourself if you're handy) can fix this by heating the extension with a blow drier, popping out the old connector and simply putting the new part in. I've had it done on an older one and it literally took 5 minutes and cost around $10-$15 to fix. Please feel free to e-mail me or call my cell 484 686 3150. First reasonable offer gets it! Thanks -Marc
BTW... unless you have a non-standard length, that tiller extension does NOT sell for $130.

Intensity Sails is selling the 48" for $75
Colie is selling the 48" for $88
Layline is selling the 54" for $88

The only place I can find that asking more than $100 is APS:
48" $102
54" $110
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It is still the stock length from the store. I found it selling for $13o from the first store I checked. If it can be found for cheaper at other stores than i suppose thats a difference in marketing. So i suppose they can now be bought for $90. I have not placed a price on this item because I haven't been in the sailing world for a while and was not totally sure what this would cost. Like I said earlier, first reasonable offer takes it. Thanks -Marc
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