Fastest Clocked Speed :)

ok im sorry but going mid teens lower twenties in a laser just scares me well my laser would break in half but thats cause its the old geezer kind but that would be wicked awsome..
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Heh look what I started :)

That speed I recorded was definitely a short burst flying down the front of a wave on a reach - no question of it being sustained. And I have a good idea of when it would've been too. I did feel like the boat had lifted out of the water and was FLYING, the rudder went very light, there wasn't much spray and there was a very big grin and a slight feeling of panic.

A kind of "PLEASE GOD DON'T WIPE OUT NOW!" panic.
WOW looks like quite something - how does it compare with the current crop of Lake Garda races that I've seen write upsand photos of?
Honestly I have no idea!
They're now a 20 year old design, and there are quicker things out there that dont look anywhere near as cool.

The best thing about the magics/lightnings was that you can tow them legally on the road behind a 2 litre medium family car, and be afloat, rigged, and ready to race an hour after arriving at the slipway. The next weekend you can take the family cruising and sleep aboard!
Get in behind a power boat that displaces a fair bit of water at the right wind angle is the best fun. Cavitation in the rudder can be a problem . Hard to prevent nudging the transom or outboared.