Fall Newsletter for Christmas?

What Should We Expect From The NA Class

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The copy deadline was September 15 and we were told there is a long lead time for the fancy hard papered shiny content free publications we have been trained to accept


This is way past ridiculous.

I'm sorry. Try as I might, I just can't seem to lower my expectations fast enough to keep down with the performance.

PS: I cant spell "organization."


Fred, maybe they have a secret code next to your name in the NA Class database that says to release your copy two weeks after everyone else's, or maybe the Easter Bunny took it just to push your button.

I got my shiny copy of the fall Laser Sailor about 10 days ago. I've been ok with the improvement I've seen since ODManagement and Tracey have taken over for the prev class admin and prez.


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Pardon me for being so impatient. As of today, my mailbox has not been graced with a fall newsletter.
If the newsletter arrives tomorrow, its arrival will be a FULL TEN days less tardy than the Summer issue.
I have checked the actuarial tables and my family history...

With a continuation of this break neck pace of improvement, I probably do have sufficient life expectancy to see an on time newsletter before I retire from Lasering and begin to push up daisies.

As of this moment, I am not sure whether I should have complained ....again.

However, I am certain I feel sorry for those of you who are willing to accept the status quo.


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Got might right away. Judging by the post mark, it was just a few days after it was mailed. No wait...that was the dues renewal notice.