Fall is here...

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...although, by the weather down here in Texas, you'd hardly know it. I started my winter boat repairs early, since some were needed before I could take my boat out again. Therefore, since my summer sailing was truncated a little, and since fall and winter here are relatively mild, I’m planning to keep sailing until it really gets too cold. What type of gear would I need when sailing in 60 to 70 degree weather (air temp)? The local Academy Store has wet suits about have price. Is a wetsuit overkill?

Dave, we sail Thursday evenings in Marina Del Rey all summer long, in temperatures in the 60s and 70s. The appropriate attire depends a lot on your internal themostat and how hard you're working.

Because we're racing, I expend a lot a BTUs and am completely comfortable in a T-shirt and PFD. My wife, on the other hand, always wears a long sleeve shirt and takes a windshirt in the boat. My crew takes a jacket but rarely wears it. She always wears shorts, as do most of the racers.

Evaluate your own internal thermostat. I suggest you dress for warm weather, take along a windshirt in the pouch and a jacket and windpants in the cuddy just in case. A PFD will keep your trunk warm, which is most important.