Fairlead replacement

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Hi all. I have discovered that my boom fairlead is failing and I need to replace it. I have no experience dealing with rivets and such so I am asking if anyone knows how I can get this done? I have watched some YouTube videos but I am concerned that will screw things up!

Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated. I have added a photo of what I need replaced.



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Don't use 'off the shelf' rivets, use so-called MONEL rivets. Downside of these Monels is, that it's difficult to install them with oridinary rivet pliers. What Rob Hair says, or ask a local shop (car, plumbing etc) to install them with an air-driven riveter.

What videos did you watch? Perhaps there's a trick to add as well.


Edit: your photo is very interesting: that fairlead isn't collapsed as a result of heavy strain inflicted by the primary line of the outhaul! I thin that's snapped because the current rivets started rusting, expanding and that can be the cause of the fractures.
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Thanks. It seems as if the plastic has simply deteriorated ober the years and it cracked. The boat is from 1984 and excellent condition. I found a local shop that works on sailboats so I am all set!