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I am a 46 yo mom and veterinarian and Sunfish sailor. My daughter has been interested in Facebook and my knee jerk reaction has always been..."no way don't you know there are perverts out there!".
After the recent postings of Sunfish photos on Facebook I decided to try it first to see if it was OK for her. Well, I have a Facebook site and not too many friends. Most of my friends are my nieces and nephews,children of my friends, and kids from our sailing club, all under the age of 22. I have a couple Sunfish friends...Eduardo I believe being my oldest friend. I recognize the faces and names of some of the Sunfish people on Facebook from Midwinters in 2007, I am sure they did not see me as I was WAY back in the fleet. So far no perverts.
I do think kids (and adults) need to realize that everyone can see things you post, depending on your setting I suppose. This includes questionable photos and questionable language. Don't say or show anything you wouldn't in a room full of family and friends.
Overall I think it is pretty cool. I am sure all of my daughters friends are wondering what the old mom is doing here. I let my daughter set up a site but I know her password and she knows to use common sense when posting.
So....we are seeing who has more friends.Old Geezer....I could use you now!
At the risk of being accused again of being mean-spirited and not having a clue, let me add to esteroali's comments with a few random observations of my own.

1. As long as parents and kids are sensible in their use of the Facebook Sunfish group then they probably won't get into trouble. We all know that there are perverts out there looking to strike up relationships with kids for nefarious purposes and not everyone online is who they appear to be. Even someone who pretends to be a mean-spirited clueless grumpy old geezer may not be exactly what he seems. ;)

2. I was interested to read that esteroali and her daughter are already competing to see who has the most "friends". That made me laugh because I was reading an article somewhere today (sorry can't remember where) of someone who was suffering from the symptoms of Facebook addiction. His first thought every morning when he woke up was to get on to the site and see how many more "friends" he could make. Until he realized what a futile endeavor it was and that very few of his Facebook "friends" were actual friends in any real meaning of the word. (Before Brian jumps all over me again I didn't say the Sunfish group was futile.)

3. I did check out the Sunfish group on Facebook a few days ago so as not to seem totally clueless on the issue. Interesting...

First thing that caught my eye in the Related Groups box was a group called "Enough with the Poking. Let's Just Have Sex." :cool:

I see today that that group is no longer in the Related Groups box but one called 12 Reasons to Date a Sailor is. These include such reasons as "we don't get off until it's coming on our face" and "the best feeling is surely coming from behind". :rolleyes:

Then I noticed that one of the female members of the Sunfish group describes herself as "Secretary of Salacious Solicitations". :p

You know, if this is your kind of thing, enjoy. I think I prefer the ranters on Sailing Anarchy to the puerile junior high bathroom gigglers here. (Ooooh OG that was very mean-spirited!) :eek:

And then I saw a note from Brian McGinniss inviting people to the Sunfish group on MySpace.... Wonder what that's like?
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So does this mean you are or are not my friend? I am only allowed to be friends with people if I know what they look like, that is our family rule.
Actually, all of my friends on Facebook really ARE my friends....maybe that is why I only have 17 (including my daughter).
If I meet you sailing I would be glad to be your friend. I have no particular wish to make "friends" with people on Facebook.

But then I'm just a mean-spirited clueless old geezer.
This story is for people that have kids that are in the facebook/myspace age range. It comes from my wife that works in the fostercare system. One of her families has mom, daughter, and a foster daughter. Mom let the girls have myspace accounts on the condition that she got their passwords and could check up on them when she wants to. I don't know how but mom finds out that foster daughter has a secound Myspace page that she post on from a friends house so she wont know about it. Mom finds out about things foster daughter has been doing and it's no fun for anyone. Mom then starts to wander if her angle of a daughter is doing the same thing ,does some kind of a search and finds that yes her daughter does have two accounts. Mom finds out this way that her daughter has and is doing many many things that any parent wouldn't want there kids into. Moral of the story is if you have kids in that age range you should know these websites inside and out. We all know the things we did as kids and how we got away with them. We can counter those moves, but we need to keep up with the times and technology if we want to keep a safe eye on our kids. It also makes you wander how much stuff your parents knew about and just didn't bust you on.
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So do I start trolling Sunfish regattas looking for grumpy old geezers? That encompasses over half the male ambulatory population in Florida.
So do I start trolling Sunfish regattas looking for grumpy old geezers? That encompasses over half the male ambulatory population in Florida.
No. If you haven't realized by now, Old Geezer is a fictional character who only pretends to be a mean-spirited clueless grumpy old troll to stimulate debate on this forum.
I think it only fitting that if you ask others to engage fictional characters in debate that you too do the same.

OG, you may engage me in debate.
My kind of gal.

What do you want to debate church lady? Facebook vs MySpace? To jens or not to jens, that is the question? God vs Mammon?
OldGeezer and ChurchLady may be the same person.

Talking to yourself? How do you feel about this?
How would I/we/she/he know if we were the same person? Or if Anne Edwards and Anne Bucella and Anne Clinton and Anne Todd and Ann Edwards are the same person? What is the meaning of same for anonymous virtual beings? What is the meaning of person? What is the meaning of meaning?

Jesus, I sound kinda mentally ill
I guess I better go turn on Dr Phil
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