F/S: Sunfish & Dilly Trailer $100

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When I first spied this little guy it was stuffed in the back of a boat lot, growing mold. I cleaned up the deck a bit and then just let it stay cozy in my garage.

The boat appears to be dry inside by its weight, which is a very, very good sign (especially since I doused it thoroughly when washing).

The hull is in decent shape; it'll never be a beauty queen, but it looks/feels solid everywhere. It'll be a good playtoy that you don't have to worry so much about keeping pristine.

It is currently sitting on an old Dilly trailer. One of the tires isn't liking the notion of holding air; I suspect a new set of wheels would be a sound investment, or new tires at a minimum.

I paid $100 for it a bit ago and am realizing that I simply don't have the time to put into this boat. It needs a sail, a rudder, a daggerboard, and some TLC on one of the boom poles (or a replacement).

It's a good, solid project boat for someone who has the time and space. I've found I don't.

So, I'll hope to get the same $100 back for it; heck, the trailer is worth that much even for as old as it is.

I don't really know any of the details about the boat or it's age. I do know that you don't need to register the boat unless you put a motor on it.

Any takers?

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