Expo mast breakage

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I'm part of fleet 22 out in Mountain View, CA and I have run into quite the issue here. I have had about three mast breaks on the Catalina 14.2 expos.... They seem to snap right above the roller bearing at the base of the mast. Has anyone else had issues like this? Did anyone solve this problem with their expo. I'm finding that carbon fiber work is quite expensive.

Expo mast

Have had the boat for two years without a mast problem. I often sail in heavy wind on Lake Champlain in Vermont. Have you contacted Catalina; does warranty cover the damaged mast?
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expo mast

talked with catalina... unfortunately they are not covered under the waranty anymore...they have been helpful however i am wondering if i got a bad batch of carbon fiber with these masts or if there is some other factor i am not seeing... Had an awesome carbon fiber guy build me a reinforcement tube inside of the mast when they were repaired so we shall see if that makes things any better
Expo 14.2

Otherr than the mast experience how have you liked the boat? There have only been a few posts regarding the Expo. It is not a competitive sailing boat but one that is forgiving and easy to rig and sail. We sail it off the trailer and have found ways to make getting the mast through the deck quite simple. I only wish I could do it singlehanded. Any one with other thoughts?
Ways to get the mast through the deck??

Re your comment: "ways to make getting the mast through the deck quite simple."

Please say more. Twice I've experienced difficulty getting the mast base centered correctly onto the spindle. Once it was jammed so hopelessly beside the spindle that I had to remove the triangular HDPE piece in order to extricate it. Thankfully I was with a friend who helped me. That has to be the trickiest part to rigging the EXPO--especially if you're rigging and sailing solo.

Dave in Kansas
stepping expo mast

Suggestions for inserting Expo 14.2 mast:
- boat must be off trailer
- I use a rubber mat to stand mast on; keep base clean
- another mat to place hull(bow) on if necessary
- one person stands on deck to guide mast
- other person assists in lifting mast
Removing mast can usually be done with boat on trailer

We have had stressful moments trying to insert mast in high winds, with boat on trailer. Off trailer has been easy and practice continually makes it easier.
stepping mast


I appreciate your insights and I can see how practice improves any situation. However, I do not understand how stepping the mast with the boat in the water enhances control. To me, wave action would mean the opposite.

Where are you located?

Dave in Kansas
Boat is off trailer, but bow stabilized on beach or ramp. A rubber pad under bow is used to protect hull. With one person on the deck guiding the mast and the other lifting and finding pin - best system that I know of so far.
No Worries...

I've been sailing my Expo 14.2 for about 2.5 years now. Stepping the mast was a little tricky at first but definitely not a deal breaker on this boat. Two things make it easier for me to step the mast: being able to see the pin when I place the mast into the hole and making sure the base of the mast is lubed up really well with Sailkote. It can definitely get a little tricky in 10 - 15mph winds but I've never dropped the mast (it's definitely wobbled a bit).

I really enjoy sailing this little boat. It's comfortable and safe and fast. No, it's not a racer but it will keep up with pretty much any similar sized boat on a reach. I can be in or out of the water in 5 minutes and I can sail in all kinds of conditions with the furling main. Docking it is a breeze in pretty much any conditions - just get her pointed in the right direction, furl the sail and coast in. I've had motorboaters comment several times that it looked easier than docking a boat with a motor!

I can't sing the Expo 14.2's praises enough for someone who just wants to SAIL. I get out pretty much every weekend for a couple of hours either by myself or with one other person. :)
expo experiencies

There is much to share about the Expo - most very positive. I sail on Lake Champlain, Vermont. If you would like to converse off the Forum we can share phone numbers. Jerry
Gets easier with practice

It took me several trys to get the mast down on the pin and locked in. hard to get out at first as well. Now after a few trips it just takes a few minutes. No sign of stress either just above the roller box. Looks pretty sturdy to me.