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Experienced Senior Race Officer Available


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By introduction I am Russ Sobotta. I’m a Regional Race Officer with over 35 years of race management experience in North America, Europe, and South America.

I am workin on a promotion to National Race Officer but I need a few more top level regattas away from my home sailing area (I live in Wisconsin).

I and very experienced in race management for dinghy, one design, and handicap events of all sizes, including World, continental, and World Sailing championships. I recently successfully completed the International Race Officer Seminar and Exam. I can provide credible references.

I have the ability fly for free in North America and very cheap elsewhere and can live for cheap or free as well. I really enjoy working with new crews—my goal is excellence in regatta management while making a group of new friends.

If there are any Laser events that require top level management, Please consider me.


Russ Sobotta
Regional Race Officer
National Race Officer Candidate.
former Laser Sailor

5560 W Lake Drive
West Bend, WI 53095


Upside down?
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First of all: thank you for your service. Our sport couldn't do without volunteers such as you.
I suggest you also look into fulfilling those National Race Officer requirements by working appropriate high(er) level Sunfish regattas. There are many of those; Midwinters, Nationals, PanAm selection regattas and Worlds (2019 in Bonaire).
International Sunfish Class Association


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Thanks for your comment and interest.
I would really like to work this events. Any idea who to contact within the Sunfish Class? I can travel anywhere quite cheaply.


Upside down?
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I would go about this systematically
Study the schedules for the major Laser and Sunfish events. For instance, the 2019 Sunfish calendar can be found via this link:
Pick the ones that suit you and make a list. Submit this list to the Sunfish class office with a note like the one you wrote earlier on this forum. If there's no response, contact the clubs where these events are held directly and express your willingness to help out.

Same approach for the Laser events via the ILCA website; you can E-mail or call them (look for Contacts)
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