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Everglades Challenge, 2020


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Suitable for catamarans and Sunfish, although I haven't competed. That a Mariner can compete is a surprise. :eek:

The Florida weather is also suitable, :) although cold weather rescues aren't unknown. :confused:

Copied from theMariner website:

"I completed the Everglades Challenge last year in his Mariner and we will be setting sail again March 7th. About 100 craft entered last year and 50 finished. We finished somewhere in the middle. . We were able to beach launch (required) with the aid of inflatable rollers. The toughest part was entering and exiting three inlets to reach required check points. The tides and winds were not always favorable. Rowing with oar locks worked well a few times. I will post a follow up story upon completion. Not sure if this should be under the cruising or racing forum.

The course is 300 miles flight of the bird so we probably sailed closer to 450 with the tacking. Sailed around the clock most of the time. Spent one night in Flamingo waiting out a cold front. This is the video that inspired me. A good watch."