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Ever wonder why seitech wheels never come in the mail?

Well i just got the scoop on seitech.... They are owned by laser performance.. if anybody knew that. I ordered a pair of class A dolly wheels on june 19. Still havn't gotten them. I called Laser today and found out im number 57 out of 112... so much for having them this summer. I called APS to see if they had them and they where in the same bind. Seitech is just... for lack of a better word. a really crappy company. obviously there is massive demand for them and so there should be a supply.. so much for simple economics. The guy at APS said that opti part dolly wheels may fit but if you plan on buying a new dolly... Don't buy it from seitech


This is completely true! I tried buying a dolly new and waited many weeks for stock to come in. The story was always "just one more week." The company I ordered through told me that they were always (and I really mean always!) on backorder and especially so during the sailing season. They have a history of never being able to meet demand and you really need to order a year in advance if you want a brand new one. I ended up cancelling my order because I got lucky and found a new one from another sailor on the internet. I'd hate to try and buy a new boat from them.


That's too bad. Seidenberg sold Seitech a few years ago. When he still owned it, I had no trouble getting a dolly or wheels within a few days.


Ever wonder why seitech wheels never come in the mail?

Maybe they don't fit through the mail slot? ;-)


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Ever wonder why the government of the US used to bust up monopolies?? Where's Spootride when we need them???


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I've had the same issues with Seitech, so I went and sourced my own wheels. I got 'samples', and to get more, I have to put in a very large order. If I can get enough people interested and can order enough volume, they should cost about $30 to $35 each for the wheel, bearing and tire assembly. They seem to be very good quality, on par or better than the stock Seitech wheels.

Let me know here if you have any interest, or I set up a website where you can send me a message: www.boatwheelz.com

If you want one or two, let me know. If you're whole fleet or club needs wheels, let me know. I'd like to get enough feedback to know if I can put the order in within 2 weeks.