Evaluating my 14.2

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I'm thinking about putting my 14.2 up for sale towards the end of the season. Any idea for a respectable source for finding a rough value of my boat? I did a search on NADA boat Blue Book, however, under Catalina, the 14.2 isn't an available model until 2001. Based on my hull number and title, I'd say I have a 1992 Mod II.

I've added a Baby Bob, replaced the running rigging, will be replacing the blocks this season, removed the bow-box and installed slat-style decking and a poly door with gasket.

Misses and I plan on upsizing in the future and have seen several promising Swing Keel Catalina 22s.
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Attempt to add pictures

It was fairly windy and I could not point her into the wind so the sails are barely shown, but here are a few pictures I was able to take.


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I will try to get a picture tomorrow, If I have time. I took two lengths of 2x2 and ran them fore and aft in the cuddy, I leveled them with blocking as best I could. I then ran 1x4" slats port to starboard. Had I thought of it, I should have varnished the wood, but It did not occur to me until the next season. Altogether, I'd say it took two hours with two men. One to stay in the boat taking measurements and securing the decking, and one with a chop say cutting the slats.