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EurILCA extraordinary meeting

Andy B

I found this link to a report on the EurILCA EAGM. If it is accurate it would seem that the majority of the European Regions do not wish to maintain the existing relationship with ILCA, 14 voted in favour of change and 11 against. But, because the result on the way forward was split, they are maintaining the status quo. If those in favour of change could agree an approach Europe could going its own way.

After talking to club sailors in the dinghy parks at the clubs I visit I have the feeling club sailors think change might be a good thing now that the rule changes introduced by ILCA have resulted in a 30% price hike here in the UK. Other sailors are talking about moving to alternative lower priced modern designs from other manufacturers. Unfortunately it seems the UKLA are out of touch with their wider club membership base which might be one of the reasons attendances at their regattas are falling.

EurILCA extraordinary meeting — UK Laser Association


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Haven't actually talked with my national association people, but I'm quite sure that we voted against any stupid secessionism. If it came to a choice between ILCA and EurILCA it would be easy and natural to dump the latter.

The next step may be the formation of rival national associations in the countries that voted against ILCA.