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I was checking out Craigslist today, and there is a guy on Vermont Craigslist who is selling off the remaining stock of a former Sunfish dealer. He has rudders, centerboards, and a bunch of masts and stuff. I don't know how to forward a craigslist ad, but I found it by going to the Vermont Craigslist site and then searching for Sunfish. He posted the ad three days ago, so he probably still has a lot of stuff.

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That'd be a pretty good haul for someone who refurbished these boats... make an offer for everything under one lump sum, see if the hand would go for it. Might not, the way everything's already priced, but ya never know... a stack of crisp C-notes can be persuasive, LOL. :rolleyes:


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Can someone explain why there are two kinds of rudder blades (25" and 35") in that group? Maybe one of them is for another fish?
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I’ve read half the site and love it. I’m overhauling a 62 fish, but that will be another post.
My question is which boards are for the sunfish?
I’m thinking of upgrading rudder to kick-up style and like the wood.


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They are pretty much all kick up style. Look at for replacements. The fiberglass will perform best


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All the Sunfish rudder blades are old style blades that fit the bronze rudder parts (full head) only. The three identical daggerboards might be for the Puffer. The second photo shows two puffer or Force 5 rudder blades (these were the same). The narrow daggerboard is Sunfish, wide one not sure. Tillers look to be Sunfish.