Epoxy - Fiberglass Sources

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OK guys and gals, here are a few web sites of some of the more popular epoxies for use with fiberglass on the market. I found them researching wood strip kayaks and canoes. They are listed in no particular order with just a comment or two from info on the web site.

System Three (http://www.systemthree.com/index_2.asp) has a trial kit with different types of their products, a sample kit if you will, suitable for small repairs.

MAS (http://www.masepoxies.com/) has a glossary of terms used with epoxy/fiberglass

RAKA (http://www.raka.com/) has a brief user manual, good for basics.

WEST Systems (http://www.westsystem.com/) has a more extensive users manual and is probably the most often mentioned epoxy system mentioned in this forum. WEST also has repair kits.

The prices for epoxy are expensive regardless of manufacturer, with some being a little less expensive. They all have thickeners, different speed hardeners and other related supplies used depending on application. Do your own research on which system to use. It may be the availability in your area over price that helps with your decision. Talk with any local marine dealer and see what they recommend (it may not be on my list). Good Luck.
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Another good source for materials (for those of us on the West coast) is Tap Plastics (www.tapplastics.com). They carry all of your other basic materials for fiberglass work (e.g. different weight and dimensions of fiberglass cloth, polyester resins, mixing containers, etc...). They also have their own brand of marine epoxy, but I have not tried it. They also carry carbon fiber and Kevlar cloth if you want to get REALLY crazy about it.