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Email by Amazon SES


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In an effort to make the email sent from our domains more secure and less likely to be marked as spam, we are now processing mail via Amazon SES. Depending on your provider, you may see a notice like "via Amazonses.com" on emails generated by our site. The emails are signed with our DKIM signature in addition to amazon's signature, so your provider should be able to authenticate the message as genuine.

All forum emails will now come from noreply@sailingforums.COM. If you receive an unwanted email from the site, please contact us here or unsubscribe from any / all emails in your user cp before you mark us as spam.

Feel free to let me know the new emails are making it out to everyone. I know a lot of providers were marking our old server messages as spam. (We previously used sendmail on the server that also hosted the HTTP portion of the website).