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Eliminating the traveler?


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Has anyone tried eliminating the traveler on the 14.2 and just running blocks between the Barney Post and the boom, like most sailboats do?

I'd love to do away with the traveler all together, but I'm not sure if the Barney Post mounts could handle the entire load placed on them by the mainsail.

Sure would clean things up, though.



Yep interesting suggestion. And I know some consider it blasphemy to have a trolling motor down while sailing. When that's the case my traveler sometimes gets caught up in the motor tiller. And if I don't realize it, it makes for quite the fire drill to get it untangled and keep the boat stable at the same time while single-handing the boat.


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Another option to avoid tangles is to install a longer tiller handle. It doesn't have to be much longer than stock, just enough to stop the bridle from falling over the tip.

That's something I plan to try as it's fairly easy to make.