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there is such a good 2nd hand market for Lasers and they hold their value so well
But, if people make too many permanent modifications then they destroy the resale value of their boat by putting extra holes where they don't belong, etc.

For example, the modification below saved using a $40.50 deck plate that fits into the existing jam cleat screw holes. However, it required four new holes in an area of the deck that was never designed for them.

This next modification created two new holes in a $265 lower mast to use a $50 component instead of the $245 legal component that uses the existing vang tang. However, even the $50 component was unnecessary since the old vang components can be used to create an excellent and legal vang system (shown in the subsequent photo).

Merrily, thanks for rediecting me, 5th 12 hr day, looking forward to sailing this weekend and taking a break from the stress. Chris, sorry dude, I'll buy you a beer someday. Diemos, the boat was given to me, I really didnt go out and buy a boat knowing full well what I was getting into. Chris, I see your point about the cost of the parts I put on the boat, but like I have said somewhere on this forum and I think in this posting, I had all these parts laying around from my other boats. I broke the mast step on the hull pictured, and so my new hull I did add the base plate, think its a great improvement, and would recommend anyone go that way instead of picing some things together. Im not sold on the 2 screws that hold it on, seems alittle weak, but we will see. Maybe one day I will have the money to buy the vang and compete legally, but until then, I will sail the boat as is, maybe using an old vang to race with.
Does everyone feel better?
Im not sold on the 2 screws that hold it on, seems alittle weak, but we will see.
I don't think the screws are going anywhere, but I have noticed problems with the plastic plate flexing under high loads because it is only attached along the centerline and not at the edges.

I have been racing with the old vang blocks plus some small bullet blocks and the old style swivel (a legal setup) for a couple of years. It has plenty of purchase and saves $250.
Here's how to rig it (I use a bullet block instead of the bottom pin on the boom block, and another bullet block instead of the rope loop):

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didnt this thread start with Deimos trying to get Electronic compasses?
Not really (I don't want an electronic compass). More that these days so many sailing watches seem to have them built-in and thus, if you want to use a sailing watch (with start countdown), your choices are somewhat more limited as, if you got one with a compass included it would be illegal (and the compass totally useless as well).

I was just wondering if some exception should be made allowing personal wristwatches that include a digital compass, allowing greater choice of wristwatch with no question of any advantage. If anybody tried to use those compasses whilst racing then great - as they would quickly mess up loads of things and I might stand a chance to catch-up a bit.

More a thing of interest as my sailing watch does not have a compass and I have a low opinion of such compasses anyway. As with all less formal things, discussions move on to broader issues.