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I have read all about the motoring options in this Forum. Have decided to go with and electric troller vs. gas engine due to cost. That being said, I'm confused on how much "thrust" I will need to get in and out of tight areas. Not looking to cruse all day on it (that's not why I bought a sail boat!), just need it in tight areas and getting in when there is no wind or coming in a bad direction.

Considering the Minn Kota - Endura 30 which has a 30" shaft and provides 30 lbs of thrust. I know I don't need much but is this enough? This is the smallest one I can find, they go up from there (so does the cost).

Any one use one? If so, how much thrust is enough? Give me the good, bad and ugly of sticking one of these (along with the battery) on the back of a C14. Will it get in the way? Inquiring minds what to know!

Also open to other ideas and no, I'm not going to paddel!


30 Pound thrust

I was several miles from my truck when the wind virtually died Tuesday.
I turned on the Minn-Kota 30 at below max speed thinking that I would rather make it back late than have the battery die part way back.
Part of the time there was some breeze but I left the motor running.
It worked fine. I am pleased wiith it's performance.
There is a little learning curve getting used to manuvering with the little motor.
Center board down at least part way.
Motor set straight ahead.
Steer with rudder.

Kansas without wind is rare but it does happen.
Take a look at Outboard what do I need? Thread. There is more info there. If you need to turn into the wind with much wind at all 30 will not make it. Sometimes it will not even work with all the sails down!
When I first took my C14 out I got becalmed about a quarter of a mile from shore. No motor. No paddle just me.
I jumped in with a length of line tied to my life jacket and swam it to shore.
That is when I decided to buy a paddle, battery and a motor.
The Minn-Kota 30 was the cheapest thing I could find and it works fine when there is no wind.
If you want to buck a wind I agree it is not enough.