Easter Host Bucking For Emmy


Hey people, here is your chance to see our very own Gouvernail!

Fred, who is Emmy?

Ha ha, actually, nicely done, except for the orange shorts.


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This may be the closest I ever come to meeting someone famous :)

What exactly were you measuring Fred?
The photos below show extensions laid in place at the Mansfield Dam park. The photos were taken when the lake was at about 630 above sea level. The video was taken when the lake was at 631.6. I was measuring the length of those extensions. They are 12 feet long. The day I took the photos, I walked into the water and found the end of the new additions at "mid Fred thighs" depth. I was guessing all three had to be submerged to haul a Catalina 30 on one of my trailers. The tape measure was to check the length of the slabs and the location of the "coastline" at various levels.
Stuff I want to know includes how many inches per foot the ramp drops. 3 inches per foot seems steep so I am guessing the lake was really slightly higher than 630 when I took these photos.

Translation...I really don't have a clue...