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Easier way to see depth on chart


Public service announcement- some of you Navionics users are familiar with the new SonarChart Shading layer that they rolled out earlier this year. They have now updated it to cover farther offshore and to be more detailed. If you're interested, this article that showed up in my newsfeed today describes the updates and how to get them on your charts (chartplotter as well as mobile). Satellite Overlay and SonarChart Shading Updated and Expanded

I have loved using this layer because it visually makes it easier to see the contour changes. It's more intuitive, I guess because it's similar to other charting standards. Or maybe it's just because it seems intuitive b/c the darker the blue is on the chart the deeper the water and that's what happens in real life too. lol
Either way, it's been a really helpful tool for me to add to my charts so I was pretty pumped with the announcement that they are improving that feature.