Early Omega 14

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I bought a pretty early Omega 14, which had been in storage for some time, the model on the ID plate is O-14 and the serial # 456 and can't figure a few things out:

First, there are no spreaders, and no sign on the mast of there ever having been any. The call out for the C-14 calls for shrouds about 2' longer than mine are, which I figure is for a later version with spreaders. I'm about to replace the shrouds since the plastic covers are badly cracked and have a few whiskers sticking out.

Second, How do you rig the rudder? The Rudder head is cast aluminum with a welded stainless steel tiller socket bolted on. The mahogany rudder seems to be designed to kick up, but how is that rigged? There is one hole for the bolt that goes through the rudder head and a second, smaller hole with a small hole perpendicular to the first. BTW: The rudder head has a leaf spring which acts to retain the rudder: No cotter pins required
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Further research suggests that she is older than I thought: Since she doesn't have a VIN-style hull ID plate, she must have been built before November 1, 1972. . .