Early fiberglass Sailfish

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Boat had to weigh close to 300 pounds last spring when I got it. Waited until a nice day in October to cut some ports in it.

Hull is thinner than I expected. It's less than 1/10th inch.
Don't put your port where I did. There is a reinforcement bonded under the deck, that runs through this spot. You can see remnants of it lower right in the picture above.

The bow handle pulled out when the previous owner tried to haul the boat out of the mud. Did I say this thing was heavy? Soggy plywood backer found loose in the hull.

Four digit serial #, made before they started using the aluminum rub rail.

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Nice pics, I had the same cutting oops on a Butterfly. Now that you are inside, can you put some blue tape on top of hull to show us where reinforcements are underneath and take a pic?


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You've got time to use a backup plate that won't pull out. :cool:

It's a stainless steel grill used for grilling shrimp outdoors, cut into sections: even if the holes don't line up perfectly, they can be enlarged.