Drysuits - cheap

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If you are looking for an inexpensive drysuit, check out the following from Overtons, a major water ski/water sport supplier. I have purchased wetsuits, gloves and other items from them and the Gladiator line is just fine for sailing. The only thing I don't like on the dry suit is the lack of booties, but call them, they may offer them, or you can change them out for around $30 or get some waterproof socks

In addition to the price, if you spend over 250 on your order, you can deduct 15% if you order by Dec 2......

Gladiator Dry Suit at Overtons - $229
Cheap drysuits can be dodgy. The seals on bottom end of range suits are lower quality PVC seals which detiorate quickly in sunlight. The material is also likely to be thinner - more easily ripped etc etc. However, if you are a kid and growing fast, these are ideal cos you grow out of them faster than they wear out....